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Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women's Studies

Babiker Badri Scientific Association for Women's Studies (BBSAWS) is a voluntary, non-political, non-profit making, Non Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to enhancing women’s status and for achieving equality, empowerment, development and the full realization of their human capacity. The Association also works for the development of a peaceful society that can offer the best quality of life to all its citizens.

The Association uses different approaches of cooperation, integration and solidarity at the local, national and international levels to realize its purposes. Hence, it has established membership and networking with other NGOs and ministerial committees, as well as international organizations. It has obtained affiliate status to the United Nations agencies and the related committees.


The Association was formed in 1979 as the fulfilment of a recommendation of the symposium of the Changing Status of Sudanese Women held in March 1979, by Ahfad University for Women to celebrate the Ahfad Diamond Jubilee. The Association was named after Shiekh Babiker Bedri, the pioneer and initiator of education for women in Sudan. The Association was registered on the 24th, February 1979, under the Registrar of Voluntary Organization in the Ministry of Social Welfare. The Association was re-registered in 1991 after new law for NGOs was issued.
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Joining BBSAWS

The Association has five categories of membership: only four listed

  • Ordinary: All Sudanese women, who can contribute in fulfilling its objectives, can become members by paying an annual fee of LS 1000-3000 and LS1000 for students.
  • Affiliate: Sudanese men as well as women of other countries resident in Sudan can join this category — The fee is US $100 or equivalent per year.
  • Organizational: organizations can become members, the fees is US $200 or equivalent per year.
  • Honorary: This membership is offered to those who give distinguished support to the Association’s development.


The objectives of the BBSAWS are:

  • To encourage and undertake research, programs, and projects to enhance the status of Sudanese women.
  • To undertake programs that contribute towards women’s empowerment.
  • To undertake projects that contribute to the integration of women in development.
  • To contribute effectively in regional, national and international programs, conferences and meetings that fosters the development of humanity in general and women in particular.
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Major Areas of Activities

Major activities include:

  • Implementation of development projects in rural areas to integrate and enhance women’s productive, reproductive and community roles;
  • Involvement in the production of audio-visual and printed educational and advocacy materials for women in different areas, which are related to the offices activities. Involvement In different action-oriented researches, feasibility studies, and identification of successful projects for replication;
  • Participation in different campaigns for the sake of achieving social change;
  • Training women as Agents of change and developing their capacities as leaders, decision-makers, consultants and initiators of a new vision for women’s enhancement;
  • Other activities include training in income generation skills, environmental conservation, home economics, maternal and child- health, family life education, appropriate technology, Literacy education, women, law and peace; and
  • Seminars and research on the above themes and those related to the Beijing platform of action.
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Ten offices constitute the body of the association. The heads of the offices constitute the executive committee of the Association. These are:

  • The President’s Office
  • Women and Development
  • Environment
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Women, Law and Peace
  • Training and Advocacy
  • Finance and Audit Office
  • Family and The Child
  • Information and Research Office
  • Humanitarian Office
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Projects carried out by the BBSAWS include:

  • Production of integrated material on female circumcision (FC) workshops and seminars on FC;
  • Training midwives to abolish FC;
  • Establishing integrated rural women training centres;
  • Village kindergarten establishment and development;
  • Publishing women magazines;
  • Educational training and material production on issues of law, human rights development, peace, conflict resolution;
  • Production of the film — Our Village Calls Us and Dura Bride;
  • Women's film week;
  • Participation in local, regional and international conferences on the environment and women issue including the IWFC;
  • Research on environment, development issues, female genital mutilation, and violence against women; and
  • A regular training program for rural women leaders and printing of a manual for the training of village leaders, training on conflict resolution skills and gender awareness training.
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Plans for further development of the program of the BBSAWS include:

  • Integrated rural women development projects, introducing biogas technology and environment conservation
  • Revolving fund and income generation among the displaced and the urban poor.
  • Training young women as professionals, in the skills of mass communication, conflict resolution, human rights issues and GAD
  • Finding more professional training opportunities for the members
  • Research on women’s issues by the different offices of the association
  • Training of rural women’s leaders.
  • Publication of education materials on different issues mainly on legal rights, human rights and peace.

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Dr. Sidiga Washi, President
Ms. Alia Hassan Karrar, Executive Director


Dr. Asia Makawi, Environment Office
Ms. Boran Badri, Family and Children Office
Ms. Tayseer Alfatih, Women and Development Office
Ms. Duria Mansour, Peace, Law and Human Rights Office
Ms. Somaya Albashir, Humanitarian Aid Office
Ms. Widad Alaidros, Media Office
Dr. Nafisa M. Badri, Training and Research Office



Tel / Fax: 00249 (87) 564401
P.O. Box: 167
Omdurman, Sudan
E mail: gameit_bbsaws@hotmail.com

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